One of the most respected organic producers in Pfalz, the Ökonomierat Rebholz is led by third-generation winemaker Hansjörg Rebholz an award-winning master of the dry, fully fermented style, full of typicity and with superb aging potential.

A VDP member since 1991, this family winery operates in a winery of yesteryear, a historical monument that spans the generations. The Rebholz family started producing wines here in 1632. There was always a winemaker in the family with the legacy continuing down the centuries to the post-war years when vintner Eduard Rebholz applied science to accurately profile the soils, climate, and vinification practices. His philosophy on natural wines has become the cornerstone of Ökonomierat Rebholz wine production.

Ökonomierat Rebholz is Certified Organic & Biodynamic and it produces 140,000 bottles a year.