Atop the sun-soaked hills of Baden’s Kaiserstuhl, in the village of Oberrotweil is the proud Salwey estate. Family winemaking roots in this spot reach deep and far all the way back to the 18th century. Benno Salwey founded the present-day winery amidst the rich volcanic soils of the locale in 1950. It was taken over by son Wolf-Dietrich in 1985. A truly family affair, in turn, his son Konrad took the reins in 2011.

Salwey’s wine production is anchored in the classic Kaiserstuhl varietals – the three Burgunders: Weissburgunder, Grauburgunder, and Spätburgunder. Renowned for his innovation, Konrad is committed to new vinification styles with the most refined wine possible always the aim. He is particularly passionate about Grauburgunder which has become Salwey’s calling card.

As such, the production process has been perfected. Salwey has developed a signature style with its hand selection of gapes, dry fermenting, ambient yeasts, and unfiltered wines.

A VDP member since 1926, Salwey produces 150,000 bottles a year.