Esteemed for its fruity, mineral-rich Spätburgunders, Meyer – Näkel tells a story of vision and determination. Today it is run by sisters Meike and Dörte both trained vintners whose experience has been handed down from father, Werner. He, in turn, inherited this Ahr winery from his parents who opened its doors in 1950 and innovated with the production of dry reds. Werner took over in 1982 as a determined and passionate novice who soon became an expert. By the end of that decade, he and his wife Claudia had made a name for themselves as leading winemakers in Germany with an elegant style of Spätburgunder.

Spätburgunder continues to be Meyer – Näkel’s star while the sisters also craft fruity, mineral-rich Frühburgunder, Weissburgunder, and Riesling wine from the stunning, steep slopes of their Ahr vineyards.

A member since 1994, Meyer – Näkel’s annual production is 130,000 bottles.