Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist – Franken wine growing tradition!

By Jan Schüler

Updated February 16, 2022 08:57 pm

A founding member of the VDP, Bürgerspital in Würzburg is a Franken estate with more than 700 years of vinicultural tradition under its belt.

Robert Haller is at the helm, leading a winery that cultivates Silvaner and Riesling on shell-limestone terroir.

Always striving for an expression of place, Haller says minerality, complexity, and finesse are more valuable to Bürgerspital than fruitiness, sweetness, or opulence. The wines follow their own path, and the result is fine accompaniments to food – one of the cornerstones that guides work in the vineyard and the winery.

Fermentation still takes place in the historic oak barrel cellar

Bürgerspital has been a VDP member since 1955 and produces 850,000 bottles of wine annually.

Their vineyards with 10 Erste and Grosse Lagen include the Stein-Harfe on the legendary Würzburger Stein (pictured). This 8 hectare vineyard is their monopole site and recognized as one of the best sites in the world with its iconic steep slopes.

Here grows the Estate’s top wine, the Würzburger Stein Silvaner GG that we are delighted to offer exclusively to our customers in North America among three other high quality wines from this top VDP Franken winery.

Würzburger Stein Silvaner GG

This GG Silvaner displays a fine, complex structure, excellent maturity, fine fruit, and classic “Stein Wein” character and minerality. Careful hand selection of fruit that’s fermented with natural yeasts and aged on lees in large oak casks results in an elegant white. This wine is an ideal pairing for rich fish dishes, white meat, or poultry.

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