How to Read a German Wine Label

We love what’s in each bottle (especially if it has VDP on its cap!) but what about what’s on the label? Understanding the information on a wine label can sometimes be like trying to decipher code or a dead language! The fact is though, that once you know what you’re looking for, it’s very simple and German wine labels are some of the more accessible in the Old World scene. When you understand what you’re reading, you’ll have the confidence to select the exact wine you want off the shelf every time. Read…

We’re Winners!

The 3rd annual Sommeliers Choice Awards have released their results and we’re delighted to announce that our house production “Wünder” won a silver medal! Judges described our 2015 German Pinot Noir as being full of “red berry flavors” and “notes of mushrooms” with “fruit and spice in harmony”. The awards are judged in five categories: food pairing ability, typicity, quality, value, and packaging. The defining question judges ask themselves is would customers order a second glass? With a silver medal, we think you will…

Happy Summer Rosé Days

We’re delighted to help kickstart your summer with an amazing deal on some of our top rosé! Our 90pt Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Pfalz Rosé 2019 from VDP winemaker Ernst Loosen boasts bright berry and floral notes in a slightly off-dry palate with a hint of spritz. Hailing from the warmest winemaking region known as ‘The Tuscany of Germany’, it’s made in the true rosé method with short maceration and pairs like a dream with seafood, salmon, ham dishes, vegetable kebabs, and soft cheeses. Incredibly, we’re offering it for only $10 including free…

The Story of the Franken Bocksbeutel

You know a Franken wine from a mile off because of the distinct shape of its bottle: the bocksbeutel. Pot-bellied, flat, and with a short neck, the bocksbeutel dates back to the 17th century when it was used as a book bag or water bottle in the fields. Its practical shape caught on and is so synonymous with Franken that today it is a ‘protected bottle shape’ under European Union law. There’s so much to the story of the Franken bocksbeutel…

The Land of Silvaner and the Bocksbeutel

Famous for the ancient variety Silvaner, which boasts concentrated fruit and earthy qualities and is produced in sweet and dry styles, Franken is an iconic wine region located along the Main. Soils are rich and varied owing to unique geology, the landscape is impressive, and even its bottles are one-off! Indeed, this is the land of the Bocksbeutel, the unmistakable flattened ellipsoid shape that stands out on any shelf, making it easy to identify wines from this region. Franken also produces Riesling and wines from the Pinot family and viniculture is focused on…

The Oldest White Wine in the World at Bürgerspital

What better way to start our focus on Franken than with a look at the Bürgerspital located in Würzburg? This estate boasts 700 years of history, a highlight of which is its renowned 1540 Steinwein famously tasted and described by English wine writer Hugh Johnson. Bürgerspital cultivates iconic grapes like Silvaner, Riesling, and Pinot varieties all bottled in the unique Bocksbeutel. Welcome to June and a tour around Franken!

Everything You (Didn’t Even Know You) Want to Learn About German Wine

Do you want to know how Germany’s fascinating and complicated history connects to the development of its winemaking? Leading digital media outlet VinePair has featured Germany on its podcast covering world wine regions where it looks into the country’s grape varieties, lost wine regions, and all about the VDP. It’s an excellent overview of one of the world’s top ten wine-producing countries. Enjoy!

In the Pink with Riesling

American pop princess Pink is a big fan of German Riesling and doesn’t understand anyone who isn’t. The singer, with hits like “So What” and “Try”, snuck into a wine bar in Stuttgart ahead of concerts there describing it as a “fun little find” and says she wants to visit Germany’s wine regions. Baden will welcome you with open arms Pink!

Friends of Freiburg Uni-We Have Wine for You!

Friends of Freiburg Uni Alumni Baden wine lovers! Do you have your Salwey Pinot Trio for the June virtual wine tasting yet? Wunderwein is the only wine club dedicated to VDP wines, ships to 44 States and is on the way to being the Number 1 online German wine destination in North America. We have a trio with your name on it! Drop us a line for orders and read all about it here. Prost!

Want to Improve Your Baden Wine Tasting Skills? Memorize Aromas!

An expert in German Rieslings could have better “degustation” skills than a sommelier specialized in other wines and regions according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology – and we can all learn a few tips! While the reason sommeliers focusing on some wines fare better than those with expertise in other regions isn’t clear, apparently, being able to successfully identify smells and flavors in wine is down to memorizing aromas rather than descriptive words like “stone fruit” or “smoky”. Sounds like it’s worth a try. Pass me the Spätburgunder!