Portable Pizza Ovens Pair With Wine!

A delicious Italian pizza is a perfect partner for an array of red and white wines. Now you can make your own Margherita or Quattro Formaggi on the go with an easy-to-use, portable pizza oven and enjoy it with a glass of your favorite wine!

Grape Harvest Festivals in the time of COVID19

It’s harvest time in Germany and this means wine festivals! While health restrictions mean they’re scaled down, vintners and wine-lovers are determined to celebrate the glorious grape harvest. Whether it’s a wine picnic in the meadows of Mosel, pop-up tastings in Hesse, or a night-time fest of open cellars in Bavaria, there’s plenty to enjoy in 2021!

Van Volxem 2020 Vintage

Van Volxem, situated in the Mosel’s Saar, has just launched its 2020 vintage at a chic event at its stunning winery. Find out more about its vast range of Riesling, Sekt, and White Burgundy!

Wine and Ice-cream Pairings

There’s been a revolution in wine and food pairing with unexpected combinations and it’s not uncommon to see suggestions for crisp acidic wines with fried fast food in place of more “culinary combos”. But wine and ice cream? You’d be surprised at how these two seemingly incompatible delights can pair to perfection!

VDP Grosses Gewächs 2021

We’re enjoying the news from the VDP Grosses Gewächs 2021 and are so excited to see so many top producers gaining momentum after last year’s spectacular results. Take a look at the background story!

Star Weissburgunder at Vorpremiere

VDP GG Vorpremiere has started with 170 critics tasting 400 wines including 21% Spätburgunder and 58% Riesling. Critics are already highlighting an amazing Kaiserstuhl Weissburgunder – namely, Dr. Heger – hinting that it may even be the best ever! It’s been tipped by der Schnutentunker as one of the best Baden GGs. If you want to try a new German grape, this could be the one for you!

Keep Your Riesling and Spätburgunder Fresh

When your wine has been in its bottle for so long, a few minutes in a decanter can help open it out and can even be beneficial for relatively delicate wines like Riesling and Spätburgunder. Things can get messy though when you have leftover wine in the decanter! Do you keep it, or ditch it? This super-smart decanter can save the day…

London Wine Competition Deadline Approaching!

Calling all VDP winemakers: there are only a few days left to enter the 2022 edition of the prestigious London Wine Competition so don’t leave it too late. This year, VDP producers Karl Schaefer and Freimuth came away with “Best in Show”, Gold, and Silver awards as they were judged by an illustrious team of UK-based judges from all over the world. The competition judges the quality, value, and packaging of wines giving each winning label great marketability. Find out all about this competition, its top-tier judges, and next March’s event!

The Great Outdoors

Want to make the most of the rest of the summer? Enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail in the sun or under the stars at a welcoming outdoor bar. Whether it boasts a heady skyline vista, cooling quayside, or a poolside dip, this list shows you where there’s a fun outdoor bar near you!

“A Sense of Place…”

Harpers Wine & Spirit has highlighted the diversity of German Wines in an industry panel organized in collaboration with Wines of Germany. Called “A wine for all reasons: why German wine is the smart choice”, leading trade experts spoke about the perception of German Rieslings, Spätburgunder, and an array of other varieties among consumers. The panel commented on the “individuality” of German wines and “…the ability to display a sense of place almost better than anywhere in the world…”. Enjoy checking it out – we certainly picked up a few fascinating insights about…