“A Sense of Place…”

Harpers Wine & Spirit has highlighted the diversity of German Wines in an industry panel organized in collaboration with Wines of Germany. Called “A wine for all reasons: why German wine is the smart choice”, leading trade experts spoke about the perception of German Rieslings, Spätburgunder, and an array of other varieties among consumers. The panel commented on the “individuality” of German wines and “…the ability to display a sense of place almost better than anywhere in the world…”. Enjoy checking it out - we certainly picked up a few fascinating insights about where German wine is heading!

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

Are you a cheese lover who never seems to get your wine pairings right? Struggling to find the right red or white for your Roquefort, Brie, or Cheddar? Learning how to match a range of delicious cheeses with the right wine isn’t rocket science. Read on for the lowdown on how to pair your favorite wines and cheeses to perfection.

Celebrate New York City with a Glass of Riesling (or Spätburgunder, or Silvaner…)

A group of New York City actors, singers, musicians, and late-night hosts have produced a video cover of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” under the umbrella of NYCNext. Filmed across the city’s five fabulous boroughs, it’s all to say the Big Apple is open for business and pleasure again after the COVID-10 pandemic. We’re toasting this multicultural city with a glass of Germany’s finest. We love you New York and love enjoying your charms again - especially your wine bars ;)! Cheers!

At €80 Per Bottle, Aldinger Has Some Pretty Fine Trollinger!

Light, fragrant, and fruity, Trollinger is the go-to quaffable red in Württemberg, a favorite for easy drinking and the star of the annual Trollinger Marathon in Heilbron. Yet somehow Weingut Aldinger has produced a limited-edition Trollinger that’s s for sold out at €80 Per Bottle! What’s going on? Is this a taste of things to come...?

Save Ahr Wineries and Restaurants with Unique Wine

To help Germany’s Ahr wine region recover from the recent devastating flooding, a non-profit crowdfunding platform has launched where wine fans can donate and receive the only thing that wineries have salvaged from the disaster – mud-splattered but drinkable bottles of the finest wine. All donations are welcome but those from €50 to €750 will be eligible for anything from a  single bottle of top-tier wine to an entire cask - and everything in between. Named “Flutwein” the drive is being run by voluntary Ahr wine and hospitality groups that will distribute funds to wineries and restaurateurs when the drive has closed.

Summer and Grauburgunder (aka Pinot Gris) Go Hand-in-Hand

One of Germany’s go-to summer vibe wines, depending on the vintage and style, Grauburgunder can feature anything from fresh orchard to ripe tropical fruit with floral notes sealing the deal. Dry and refreshing, it’s also versatile with cuisine going like a dream with rich seafood dishes, salads, strong hard cheeses, pasta, plus BBQ meat and veggies. Don’t forget dessert either – Grauburgunder is perfect for sweets dripping with honey and vanilla flavors.

Exciting Reds from Württemberg

Seeking a glass of fine Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Trollinger (Schiava), Schwarzriesling (Pinot Meunier) or Lemberger (Blaufränkisch)? You need to check out Württemberg in south-western Germany. Thanks to talented dedicated young winemakers, it’s a treasure trove of fine, delicious reds that are difficult to find elsewhere in the country. If white’s your thing, you can fill your glass with a good Riesling, Kerner, or a crisp Sekt. If you’re looking to expand your German wine experience, look no further than Württemberg!

Berlin Vibe and German Wines Come to Toronto

Berlin comes to downtown Toronto for three months from August 1st when Wines of Germany Canada launches its “Coolest Wines on Earth" campaign at the city’s stackt market. Canada’s largest shipping container market will feature a pop-up bar with an outdoor courtyard and a range of the finest still and sparkling wines Germany has to offer by the glass or bottle. The wine list will change each month, a tasty menu will be available to accompany your Pinot Blanc, Silvaner, or Riesling, and there’ll be a DJ creating a vibe the first Friday of the month. If you fancy a summer cocktail, the stackt team is preparing a range with German wines. Enjoy the pop-up “Berlin Bar” until October 31st! Prost!

Enjoy German Sparkling Wine this Summer

Summertime means there’s always an excuse to crack open the sparkling wine! Luckily, German wine producers can help out with a range of fine, refreshing Sekts that are perfect for the heat and pair beautifully with a range of cuisine. With the VDP.Prädikatsweingüter bringing in a new classification for German bubbly - VDP.SEKT.STATUT - featuring finetuned guidelines on production of top-quality, handmade Sekts, what are you waiting for? Find your next favorite bubbly from a VDP producer!

VDP Launches Ahr Flood Appeal

As wine producers assess the damage in flood-stricken Germany, the VDP has launched a donation-funded aid package for the badly affected Ahr Valley Region. The aim is to protect the coming harvest with resources for equipment and premises for those wineries that have been devastated by the disaster. How can you help return Ahr to its former glory?